Hong Kong in Pictures


Hong Kong is where east meets west and modern city meets spectacular rural scenery.


Syrian Christians Disappointed by UKs Refusal to Accept Refugees Already in Europe


For the 6 Syrian Christians living in ‘The Jungle’ camp in Calais, David Cameron’s decision not to take those refugees already in Europe dashed any hope for a resolution of their situation in the near future, and effectively penalised them for fleeing the region. However, with the persecution that Christian communities face all over the Middle East, is it any wonder they wanted to escape?

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Tensions Rise in Nicaragua’s Mining Communities


Lead by the local priest, The people of Rancho Grande, Nicaragua are protesting against the arrival of Canadian mining company B2 Gold. The protesters are concerned that the mine will damage the local environment and force them from their land. The company is also alleged to have used bribery and other tricks to undermine resistance. Meanwhile dissatisfaction with the government’s mining policies is resulting in a growing number of people taking up arms.

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The Price of Development in Nicaragua


As work starts on the Nicaraguan canal, opinions on the subject are divided. Meanwhile in the village of Rancho Grande, the arrival of a Canadian mining company has been met with determined resistance by locals. Both projects threaten to cause environmental problems and the displacement of local people. I visited Nicaragua to investigate.